(We are still under development and there will be server/character wipes until this message is removed. Character Buielder Enabled on Developmebt stage. )

Jump to Lightspeed Start Wars Galaxies Emulator

*Faster Walking and Running speed.

*Training costs now 25% of normal charge.

*Tutorial Area enabled

*10x Faster XP Gains

*All Vet Rewards unlocked within a year!

*Player city residency requirements reduced

*10 Characters per account, 10 online at a time.

*Resource Crates Item limit increased from 100k to 999,999

*House Item limit increased from 100 to 1000

*Factory Crate Item limit increased from 100 to 1000

*Factory production time decreased by 75% - faster factory runs!

*Crafting Tool no timer

*Equip up to 200 SEA attachments

*Vendor Expire Period 100 Days

*Easy Jedi Unlock(Hologrind):
*Get a Holocron.
*Mastering five professions (excluding Entertainer, Elite Entertainer, and Politician.)
*You can use the commands /che or /check.
*Now that you are a Force-sensitive, you will be visited by an Old Man.

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